"The Name Creates High Expectations,  The Food Exceeds Them".

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774 2nd.   Avenue, East  Owen  Sound,   Ontario,   Canada   N4K - 2H1


Schnitzels   Brats   Etc.

HOME of Bruce Peninsula's OKTOBERFEST
    We are the premier caterer of Germanic and European cuisine in the region.

A one-stop for all your "Oktoberfest" food,   all year   in the heart of downtown Owen Sound

Tent &Trailer Catering

"at Your  Location"  

www.thebavarianhut.com    519- 370 - 0249  george@thebavarianhut.com  TEXT: 519- 379- 4767

Mobile  Outdoor / Indoor Buffet Catering

Sausage - Schnitzel ETC. Buffet Catering
  "DE GUSTIBUS NON DISPUTANDUM EST"  -    there's no disputing taste.

Almost a "GRAB & GO"
The Bavarian Hut is a Little Take-Out Joint
specializing in German Cuisine with Global Influence


MON - FRI  11 am - 3 pm  /  Saturday  9 am - 2 pm

774 - 2nd. Avenue, East  Owen Sound,

www.thebavarianhut.com         519- 370 - 0249
At this Time is CASH only.     Sorry
 Prepared Foods
774 - 2nd. Avenue, East  Owen Sound,
519- 370 - 0249


At this Time is CASH only.     Sorry
 "The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found".


   In 1950 the first Drive - In was introduced to Owen Sound.   In 2019 The Bavarian Hut (Grab & Go) Introduce PARK-n-DINE to Owen Sound.  The concept is very simple. We cater to those who just want something to Eat, Quickly and Inexpensively, and do not mined eating in their car as an option to taking-it home (if so desire). To make things even easier, all prices include Tax.  Menu changes often (subject to market prices and availability) in order to be able to keep prices under $ 10.00


December is: Customer  Appreciation   at  The Bavarian Hut
    Come in and wish me a Happy New Year, and get a Jumbo Hot Dog, with all the trimmings and a bag of Cookies for  $ 6.00

Thank you, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


      {Chef George Egressi's  Coat of Arms}
  "Imagination is more important   than knowledge."  Albert Einstein
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Cooked fresh at location and served Buffet Style