"The Name Creates High Expectations,  The Food Exceeds Them".

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The Bavarian Hut    Catering FAQ's
Q. What can you tale me about The Bavarian Hut ?
A. We are a fully licensed and insured professional catering company. We specialize in Buffets and Family Style Mobile Food Catering. We are one of few caterer in the area that specializes in "Outdoor Live Cooking" cooking all of our food fresh, at your site. With our over 45 years experience, of created memorable, magical events for hundreds of happy customers, we've learned that hosts don't always have all the supplies they need to have a successful event. That why you requires a caterer that include all necessary professional cooking equipments, serving goods and staff that passed Food Handler Certification.
Catering FAQs

Q. Do you have a private room to rent for larger groups?
A. No, but if you have a location that is indoor and will satisfies our safety and/or sanitary requirement we have no objection to cater there.






Q. Can I provide some of the food myself?
A. For any event that is held off-site at your location of choice, you are welcome to supplement our menu with your own additions. The only requirement that we have to be displayed on a different table and to be specified on the contract (the items that you are supplying)

Q. What payment options do you allow? and   Is there a contract or deposit required to book my event?
A.   Most of our events starts at a minimum  $ 500.00. We do have an event contract that is required for all off-premise catered events. There is an initial deposit of 25% that is required along with the signed contract. According to the terms of our contract, the initial deposit can be paid by cash or check.. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to the event and can be paid in any of the above methods. The remaining balance is based on the estimated headcount at that time. Any underpayment, due to an increase in the headcount or change in menu, is due prior to the event. Any overpayment will be refunded within one week after the event is completed (however the final headcount count is stands).

Q. Can I keep any of the food that is left over after my event? I hate to see it go to waste and would like to donate it to a charity.
A. Unfortunately, the health department does not permit us to leave any remaining food after an event is completed. During the course of an event, we can monitor and maintain proper cooking and serving temperatures to ensure the safety of the food. No such sanitation guidelines are in place for home reuse. Also, most charities will not accept food that has already been prepared in advance. ****  However if the function is hosted at your home you are welcome to food that has been set out on the buffet table. You must bring your own containers and lids. Once a waiver is signed, you assume responsibility for proper storage and transportation of the food.
Q How Early Should I Contact You to Cater my Event?
A The sooner the better… there is no such thing as too early. Because we are a boutique catering company, our focus on one to two events on any given day. This allows us to concentrate on quality but does limit our availability.
Q Do you Handle Rentals?
A Not at This Time
Q. When will you need my final guest count?
A. We ask for an estimated headcount 2- weeks prior to the event    and we ask for a confirmed headcount 1- week prior to the event.

Q. How about Allergies, dietary choices or religious restrictions?
A. We are unable to guarantee against of allergens in food. We will however do our best to accommodate most of dietary and religious requirements but no guarantees.

Q. What type of catering you do and to whom you cater to?
A. We provide the film and TV production sector with on-site catering, including fully- mobile kitchens, and a "Customized Feeding the Cast and Crew" solutions. We provide services all year-round.
We offer buffet-cooking service for weddings, graduations, family reunions, company picnics, family backyard BBQ, memorial services, as well as holiday parties ETC. To some backyard parties and weddings you need Food Catering Only and don't require any additional catering services. Whatever the occasion, we can be there with a complete menu of tasty food. And the cooking show is not bad aider. A minimum of 24 people is required for a catering at your location.

Q. How much does cost, to have you cater my function?
We have no hidden fees! Functions starts at minimum (not lest then $500.00 per function).


  • (1). buffet tent, buffet tables all cooking and serving needs.   
  • (2) Setting up and Tearing down buffet area. Loading and Unloading, etc (about 2 hours total).    
  • (3) Cooking
  • (4) Facility surcharge (if Applicable).
  • Gratuity is appreciated but not expected.

The only charges you'll find are:

Price of the Selected Menu

Applicable taxes (sorry, we can do nothing about that)

Service charge of $ 40.00 per hour / per cook (minimum 4 hours).

Traveling   if Applicable

Q. Can you also provide service and bar staff?
A. Not at this time. Most of our catered events are self-serve buffets where we cook and serve food from the buffet table only. Any other staff (Bar, Cleaning, Setting up, ETC). is your responsibility and your Savings.
Q. What will I need to provide for you to cater the event at my site?
A. We provide the requested food for your guaranteed headcount, the cooks, to prepare and restock the buffet, buffet tables with tablecloths, chafing pans, serving utensils and all quality disposable plates, cutlery and anything else needed for the successful performance of cooking and serving the buffet. As for Buffet cooking & serving area we usually prefer about 35' x 35' for support/prep Trailer, one or more 10'×10', and/or one or more 10' x 20" Canopies. The host is responsible for providing beverages, seating, decorations etc. for guests.
Q Are you LGBTQ friendly?
A Yes and we look forward to a day when this question is no longer necessary :-)
Q. What if I have extra or less guests come than what I confirmed? Do you prepare for a percentage over my confirmation?
A. You will be charged for a minimum of the headcount confirmed 1- week prior. In the event that more guests attend, we are prepared to amend up to 10 % of guarantied number (not necessary the agreed menu items) you will also be billed for the additional guests. If you have less guests attend that what you guaranteed, you are still responsible for paying for the guaranteed guest count. We ask that your headcount be as accurate as possible since we cook everything fresh on-site. The accuracy of your headcount allows us to provide you and your guests with the freshest, highest quality food at the most reasonable price possible, so we do not prepare for a standard "overage" on your guest count.