T.B.H.   Baked Custard
Servings: 48
Category: BAKERY- Creams- Coulees- Mousse- Pudding
Country/or origin: EUROPE

35 oZ              Eggs (about 20 total)
20 oZ              Sugar granulated
1/2 ts               Salt
1 QRT             cold Milk
2 Tb                Vanilla
1 GAL             Milk
2 ts                  Nutmeg
Beat eggs slightly, using wire whip attachment.       Add sugar, salt, cold milk, and vanilla.        Mix on low speed only until blended.      Scald milk by bringing to point just below boiling.      Add to egg mixture and blend.        Pour mixture into custard cups that have been arranged in baking pans.      Sprinkle nutmeg over tops.       Pour hot water around cups.      Bake at 325°F for 40-45 minutes or until a knife inserted in custard comes out clean (180°F).     Cool quickly (within 4 hours) to below 41°F.

Potentially hazardous food. STORE AT INTERNAL TEMPERATURE BELOW 41°F.
Custard may be baked in a 12x20x2-inch pan set in a pan of hot water. Cut 5x8 for 40 portions.
VARIATIONS: Bread Pudding. Pour liquid mixture over 1 lb dry bread cubes and let stand until bread is softened. Add 1 lb raisins if desired. Bake. Day-old sweet rolls may be substituted for bread.
VARIATIONS: Caramel Custard. Add 1 cup Burnt Sugar Syrup slowly to scalded milk and stir carefully until melted.
VARIATIONS: Rice Custard. Use 1/2 Baked Custard recipe, adding 1 lb rice (AP) cooked, 1 lb raisins, and 3 oz melted margarine or butter.

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