T.B.H.  Marinara Sauce- A
Servings: about 13 - 14 Liters
Category: Sauces and Gravy and Glaze
Country/or origin: ITALY
4                              green Peppers
3                              white Onions
1                              bunch, Celery
6                              Bay leaves (whole) (1 ts powder)
6 can x 100 oZ        Stanislaus, sliced, peeled, Tomatoes (filletto di pomodoro)
1 cup                       vegetable Oil
3/4 cup                    Sugar
1/2 can x 100 oZ     Stanislaus Tomato paste
3/4 cup                    Garlic, minced
1/2 cup                   dried Basil
l/2 cup                    dried Parsley
1/4 cup                   black Pepper
2 tbsp                     dried Oregano
Dice vegetables in a food processor.       Add enough vegetable oil to cover bottom of a large pot.         Mix dry spices and sugar, set aside.      Add diced vegetables, garlic and 6 'bay leaves to the pot. Sauté until vegetables are translucent.      Add spices to pot and stir.        Add Tomatoes and bring to boil stirring frequently then turn down low.       Simmer additional 2 hours to reduce (about 3" from the top), stir to prevent sticking.       Add tomato paste.      Stir well.       Simmer for 5 min.         Remove from heat.       Let cool. Pour into containers.      Label and store in cooler.
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